Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Carnivals Are Up!

Just wanted to be sure and let everyone know where some of the carnivals are this week. This was my first time of being involved in a carnival, and I was fortunate enough to get selected in two of them:

RetireYoungandWealthy is hosting the 15th Carnival of Money Stories with a great variety of posts on all aspects of personal finance. You can find the article submitted by your's truly here.

TheDigeratiLife put together the Carnival of Personal Finance: Epic Journey Edition with a nod to Homer's Odyssey. With 91 different articles, it may take as long as Ulysses' journey to read them all, but its a great collection of topics. Great job! My article was a brief one on Obopay.

Well that's all on the carnivals. Hopefully I'll be able to submit more in the future - maybe I'll even host one!

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