Monday, February 4, 2008

Current Savings Rates: Feb 04, 2008

About 8 months ago I posted about some of the online high-yield rates being offered. Since then, FNBO Direct's promotional 6.00% rate ended, and perhaps more importantly, the Federal Reserve has dropped the key federal funds rate (the rate that banks charge each other) from 5.25% to 3.0%.

In response, many of the online banks have lowered the savings rates that they are offering. I have decided that it is time to update what many of the popular rates are out there, starting with the highest and going down. The yields shown are for a minimum deposit of <$1000, in an institution that is FDIC insured - peer-to-peer lending operations such as and LendingClub are not included. (All numbers are APY) This obviously isn't a complete list - if you find a great deal, be sure to let me know!

E*TRADE's Complete Savings Account:
Rate: 4.40%
(Also currently offered is an extra $25 when you sign up)

FNBO Direct Online Savings Account:
Rate: 4.30%
(This is the account that I currently have - I've been extremely pleased with the ease of use.)

Washington Mutual Online Savings:
Rate: 4.25%
(caveat - with a WaMu checking account, otherwise, .25%)

Citi Ultimate Money Account
Rate: 4.25% (caveat - must make at least two online bill payments each calendar month) otherwise, it looks like you'd get 3.50%

HSBC Direct Online Savings:
Rate: 3.55%

ING Direct Orange Savings
Rate: 3.40% APY (Also contact me, and I'll send you a link so that when you sign up with >$250, you get $25, and I get $10)

*All institutions are FDIC Insured up to the maximum allowed. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up with any of the institutions named. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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